Orpha A. Morauda-Velasquez

Melissa L. Villena, Labor and Employment Officer II / Employment & Career Guidance Officer
John Andrew S. Flores, Labor and Employment Officer II

Alexander R. Cruz, Liaison
Joanna Marie B. Servas, Clerk – Receiving & Releasing
Anita M. Abella, Filing clerk
Zenaida B. Estorico, Clerk/Utility
Bienvenido G. De Mesa, Database Administrator
Kenith C. Resurreccion, SPRS/Phil-job Net Administrator
Divina T. Alibansa, Employment Service Officer
Sharry Anna A. Avanzado, Referral & Placement Officer
Mark June M. Damian, Job Placement Assistant
Rhoda H. Barro, Labor Market Information Officer
Paul Christian M. Caminade, Training and Manpower Development Service Officer
Alejandro A. France Jr., Training and Manpower Development Service Officer
Maryann C. Patdu, Migrant Service Assistant
Wilhelmina Espejo, Field Worker
Jennylyn Leonor, Field Worker


  • Encourage employers to submit to the PESO on a regular basis a list of job vacancies in their respective establishments in order to facilitate the exchange of labor market information services to job seekers and employers by providing employment services to job seeker, both for local and overseas employment, and recruitment assistance to employers;
  • Develop and administer testing and evaluation instruments for effective job selection, training and counseling;
    Provide persons with entrepreneurship qualities access to the various livelihood and self-employment programs offered by both government and non-governmental organizations at the provincial/city/municipal/barangay levels by undertaking referrals for such programs;
  • Undertake employability enhancement trainings/seminar for jobseekers as well as those would like to change career or enhance their employability. This function is presently supervised by TESDA and conducted by other training;
  • Provide employment and occupational counseling, career guidance, mass motivation and values development activities;
  • Conduct pre-employment counseling and orientation to prospective local and overseas workers;
  • Provide reintegration assistance services to returning Filipino migrant workers: and
  • Perform such functions as willfully carry out the objectives of this Act.