Transportation Regulation Officer II

Transportation Regulation Officer I

Data Entry Machine Operator


San Joseño Charter – Tricycle Regulatory Unit


Duties and Functions (City Ordinance No. 2015-42-03)

  1. General Supervision in the: (i) processing of applications for tricycle franchise forwarded or endorsed to the City Tricycle and Franchising Regulatory Board (CTFRB) for its recommendation and subject  for approval by the Sangguniang Panlungsod; (ii) issuance of Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit (MTOP) and Non-motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit (NTOP); and (iii) annual renewal of MTOP/NTOP thereafter.
  2. Prepare inventory lists of all motorized and non-motorized tricycles-for-hire operating within the city.
  3. Study, develop and recommend Tricycle Zones or Routes, Route Measured Capacity (RMC); designation of Color Scheme, Body Number and Tricycle Terminal.
  4. Apprehend and impound unauthorized tricycle operating for hire within the city.
  5. Investigate and hear public complaints as well as the institution of remedial measures to the said complaints with regard to public tricycle operations within the city.
  6. Prepare regular and special reports on the operations and supervision of public tricycle every month as well as the accomplishment report of the office (TRU) every quarter. The TRU shall finish a copy of the said reports to the Sangguniang Panlungsod, Office of the City Mayor, CTFRB,  and public tricycle Federation.
  7. In special or exceptional cases, the City Mayor, thru the recommendation of the TRU, may deputize members of the Philippine National Police or traffic enforcers or barangay officials, who shall apprehend erring tricycle drivers, confiscate driver’s license, issue Citation Tickets such as Ordinance Infraction Receipt or Ordinance Traffic Violation Receipt, and impound public tricycle. 
  8. Among other things, the TRU may impound public tricycle, and seize or confiscate license plate of public tricycle. 
  9. Implement color or number coding schemes or such other schemes intended to reduce the number of tricycles operating each day in each particular TODA/COOP Transport or franchise zones/route.
  10. Give recommendations to the local TODA/COOP Transport of their findings and observations on traffic problems and compel the organization to regulate their transport rules on operation by the use of innovative ideas to reduce traffic impacts on public transport in their area of operation. 
  11. Observe and certify election of officers of TODA/Tricycle Service Cooperative (TSC) and Fedeation of TODA/TSC.
  12. Require TODA/Tricycle Service Cooperative to submit list of its members or franchise holders every quarter.