1. Grotto Vista Hotel & Resort – takes you to a whole new world with a wide range of facilities to make you relax and unwind in your own style. Where you can have fun and sun by day, simple relaxation or an evening romance. DOUBLE AA standard hotel rating.
Owner : Efren Bartolome
Contacts : 044 691-0223 to 24, (044)815-0943, (02)371-8928, 0917-839-0327, 0922-414-4447
Location : Graceville
2. Los Arcos de Hermano Resort – a resort hinders in the shades of big trees, a very nature-winding ambiance.
Location : Tungkong Mangga
3. PACIFIC WAVES HOTEL & RESORT,INC. – Escape to where life and nature intertwine. Embrace life and its goodness in over a hectare of lush environment with the comfort of having everything you need. The Pacific Wave Resort is a special haven where you can find joy and peace by yourself or with loved ones.
Contact Person : Joan Tabamo
Contacts : 044 7753269, 0922-8920458, 0917-833-3144
Location : Sto. Cristo
4. TIERRA FONTANA WAVE RESORT INC. : feel the beach ambience and experience to swim in a large pool with strong waves like in the sea
Contact Person : Julie Uy
Contacts : (02)986-6677, 440-0508, 0923-337-9623
Location : Tungkong Mangga
5. VILLA ANTONIO DE DAVE RESORT & LEISURE FARM – a place where you can experience a lot of things… You can go swimming, fishing, camping, jogging, biking and others… Mingle with different animals like birds, sheeps, turkeys and others…
Contact Person : Laarni Jaena
Contacts : 0932-1029391, 0915-727-6654
Location : Kaypian
6. COLINAS VERDES CLUB HOUSE – Enjoy the pleasure of swimming, bowling, and many more in a high class living.
Location : Tungkong Mangga
7. PARADISE ADVENTURE CAMP AND RESORTS – Provide the BEST Outdoor Adventure Learning Program to students and individuals, Offer Team Building Activities, Adventure Activities, Disaster Management and Calamity Preparedness that will help students and individuals value TEAMWORK, COOPERATION and UNITY.
Owner : Juna C. Quevedo
Contacts : (02)546-9504, (02)666-5106, 0917-630-3883, 0922-830-2303
Location : Tungkong Mangga
8. CATTLE CREEK GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB – An ideal haven for outdoor sporting and relaxing right in the heart of San Jose del Monte. It has a par 72 golf course.
Contacts Fax no. 983-5687
Location : Sapang Palay Proper
Owner : Victorino Flaviano
Contacts : (044)815-6822, 0922-2940104
Location : Muzon
10. EMILIO AGUINALDO BRIDGE – Historical bridge where General Emilio Aguinaldo and his men took a rest and passed going to Southern Luzon area.
Contact Person : Dante J. Navarro
Contacts : 0921-7109526, 0923-4481584
Location : Tungkong Mangga
11. KAYTITINGA FALLS – Natural one of a kind fall consists of a three-level falls.
Contact Person : Dante J. Navarro
Contacts : 0921-7109526, 0923-4481584
Location : San Isidro
12. MT. BALAGBAG TREKKING & CAMPING SITE – The mountain is 777 meters above sea level enough to see the picturesque of Metro Manila and vast land of the province of Bulacan and Rizal.
Contact Person : Dante J. Navarro
Contacts: 0921-7109526, 0923-4481584
Location : San Isidro

Tourism Data Banking by Category

a. bowling center : 1
b. tennis court : 1
c. cockpit arena : 2
d. resort : 6
e. golf course : 1
f. Hotel/Motel : 6
g. Restaurants and Bar : 36
h. Department Store/Specialty Shop/Pasalubong Center/Convenient Store : 5
i. Travel Agencies : 13
j. Spa and Wellnesss Center : 1

Source: City Tourism Office 2012