Tierra Fontana 12 Waves Resort Located at #479 Paradise Drive, Barangay Tungkong Mangga. Nice place. Good landscapes. The place has three pools including the wave pool, which they consider as their main attraction. Contact Numbers: 09328627387/09328627393
Pacific Wave Resort and Restaurant Located at K31 Bayani Road, Barangay Sto. Cristo, A very peaceful ambiance awaits to tourists with a first class chief serves the best food of the Pacific. Contact Numbers: 09178333144/09228920458
Grotto Vista Resort and Restaurant Located in Barangay Graceville. Ideal for friends, family or company gatherings. Facilities that could be found in the resort are swimming pools, apartelle, hotel, garden pavilion, function halls, unisex gym, bowling lanes, restaurant and others. Contact Numbers: 09224144447/09178390327 DAYTIME NIGHT SWIMMING ADULT P/ 200.00 P/ 210.00 CHILD P/ 150.00 P/ 160.00 HOLIDAY N.SWIMMING P/ 220.00 P/ 230.00 P/ 170.00 P/ 190.00 COTTAGES CAPACITY NIPA HUT P/ 350.00 – P/ 800.00 10 – 15 PAX UMBRELLA P/ 350.00 6-8 PAX YELLOW TENT P/ 600.00 10-12 PAX CUBICLE P/ 300.00 – 750.00 10 – 20 PAX PINOY HUT P/ 2,500.00 30 PAX PERGOLA P/ 2,500.00 30 PAX GASEVO P/ 3000.00 30-35 PAX VIGAN HOUSE P/ 3500.00 20-30 PAX ROOF DECK P/ 3,500.00 – P/ 4,500.00 50-100 PAX SLIDE BLDG P/ 5,000.00 100-150PAX ROOM RATES 12 HOURS 24 HOURS CAPACITY DELUXE P/ 1,200.00 P/ 2,000.00 2 PAX STANDARD P/ 1,800.00 P/ 2,500.00 4 PAX SUITE P/ 3,000.00 P/ 3,000.00 4-5 PAX
Paradise Adventure Camp Located in Barangay Tungkong Mangga. Contact Number: 09357777402



No. Name of Resort Description No. of Rooms  Contact Number  Location  Amenities 
1 Bigman Resort Best Place for family bonding and swimming 6 rooms (good for 5 persons per room) 09064026735 Sulukan Road Sapang Palay Proper, CSJDM, Bulacan Pool and Clubhouse
2 Casa Aurelia  Place for family bonding (50 to 60 persons, private pool) 5 rooms (1 room good for 10 persons) 09069087320 Pleasant Hills, Brgy. San Manuel, CSJDM, Bulacan 50 sqm. swimming pool, 2 bubble bath pool, kiddie pools
3 La Farm Resort  Best Venue for swimming and family bonding 6 rooms (1 room good for 3 to 4 persons) 09262539598 Barangay Sto. Cristo Pool
4 La Jardin Resort and Events  Good for any kind of occasions and family bonding 2 rooms (good for 10 persons per room) 09175170019 Barangay Poblacion Jacuzzi, Picnic Shed, Pool House, Chairs and Tables, in/out door shower, Rest Rooms, Kitchen, BBQ grill
5 Los Arcos de Hermano Resorts and Events  Hotel and Resort events venue, retreat area and camping area 26 rooms (1 room good for 3-4 persons) 0917857446/ 09324444492 School Road Corner, Tungkong Mangga, CSJDM, Bulacan Events Venue, Infinity Pool, Private Pool, Kiddie Pool, Bridal and Jr Suite, Wifi Connctivity, Petting Zone, Kids Playground, Campsite, Chapel, Open Cabanas, Fishing Ground, Team Building Facilities, Covered Basketball Court
6 Mariner’s Hub Caters and accepts reservation for any kind of occasion (100-150 persons) 4 rooms, (1 room good for 10-12 persons) 09178918433 Sitio PAkulis Poblacion 1, CSJDM Bulacan Pool Area, Grill Kitchen, Corporate events, Family Reunion, Organizational Outing
7 Nuelica’s Place Private Resort, good for family bonding (100 persons) 2 rooms (good for 5-10 persons per room) 09778333144/ 09228920458 Pleasasnt Hills, Brgy. San Manuel, CSJDM Bulacan Private Pool, Venue for meeting, PArking Area
8 Sam’s Inn Resort and Event Place  Private Pool/Resort and Event Place 4 Rooms (1 room good for 3-5 persons) 09162771142/ 0916937477 Pleasant Hills, BArangay San Manuel, CSJDM Bulacan Private Pool, Mini Bar, Parking Area, Videoke Area
9 The Charcoal Leisure Garden  Best Place for family bonding and swimming 13 rooms, (good for 3-4 persons per room) 09672176539/044-3074700 Lot 26 Phase A Brgy Francisco Homes Guijo, CSJDM Bulacan Pool, Private Pool (50-100 pax) resto
10 Villa Annabelle  Accepts reservation for any kind of occasions 12 rooms (1 room good foe 3-4 persons) 09328627387/ 09328627393 Sitio Lote, Brgy. Dulong Bayan CSJDM, Bulacan Parking Area, Private Pool, Clubhouse,
11 Villa Antonio de Dave Resort and Leisure Farm   For family, company, organizations. The resort focuses to be eco friendly environment giving our one kind of adventure 17 rooms, (1 room good for 3-4 persons) 09175365797 #38, Barangay Kaypian, CSJDM, Bulacan Pool, Kiddie Pool, Resto, Camp Site, Clubhouse, Event Hall
12 Villa Bardos Resort  Private Pool and Event Place 2 rooms, 1 room good for 5-10 persons) 0905975425 No. 103 Magenta St. Pecsonville CSJDM, Bulacan Private Pool
13 Villa Leonora Resort Private Pool and accept reservation and venue any kind of occasions 10 rooms (1 room good for 5-6 persons) 09350885817/ 09422447365 Igay Road, Sto. Cristo, CSJDM, Bulacan Private Pool, Clubhouse, Event Hall